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We’re developing brand new and completely FREE patient management software for the NObreath® FeNO monitor and we are pleased to announce the beta version of FeNOchart™ is now available to download here:

Here’s what’s included:

  • USB connection to the NObreath®
  • Create, store, and manage patient profiles
  • Adult and child breath tests with screen mirroring
  • View results in graph format
  • Create reports in PDF format
  • Embedded NObreath® how-to videos
  • FeNOchart™ automatically updates on start-up
  • GDPR compliant with user logins and accounts
  • A firmware update tool for the NObreath®
Image of child blowing into the NObreath FeNO monitor

FeNOchart™ Manual:

Please read the FeNOchart manual before using FeNOchart software for the first time.

Download Manual

Coming Soon!

There are more exciting features to come, including but not limited to:

  • Download readings from your NObreath® and save them directly to the patient profile
  • Ambient NO tests with screen mirroring
  • Multilanguage software


Firmware Updater Tool

The Bedfont Firmware updater tool enables a quick and easy update of the NObreath®️ Firmware. Firmware updates are intended to optimise the performance of the device, and by updating the firmware, you will be able to explore any new features that may have been added, whilst enhancing your user experience, and that of the patient.


Windows 7 Driver Patch Tool

We have released a Windows 7 Drivers patch tool which can be downloaded and installed below.

This patch has been released to ensure NObreath® drivers are installed correctly, enabling FeNOchart to function smoothly with your Windows 7 operating system.

Windows 7 Driver Patch