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NObreath® – what is it?

The NObreath® is a FeNO device which can be used to measure airway inflammation for the management and diagnosis of asthma. Recommended by NICE and conformed to ATS & ERS guidelines, the NObreath® makes FeNO measuring quick, and easy plus it is completely non-invasive, with the ability to device airway inflammation in both adult and child patients. Furthermore, the ambient monitoring mode enables you to check ambient levels of NO.
No Limits*

Unlimited uses subject to maintenance and
general wear and tear

Optimum Infection Control

We are proud to say the NObreath® device
is integrated with SteriTouch® antimicrobial additives,
which eradicate the bacteria that cause
contamination and infection

Adult and Child Modes

Adult & child patient modes for best
sampling times and quick result referrals

Most Cost Effective Solution

Low cost, long lifetime mouthpieces with
an efficiency rate of >98% (Bacteria) and
>96% (viruses)

NObreath monitor with clear mouthpiece face on
Instant Results

Instant results which means no wait
time for patients

NObreath® Dock

NObreath® dock for safe and convenient
storage, charging and synchronisation

Easy To Use

With a simple exhale only technique
and on screen visual motivation

Proven Technology

The NObreath® has over 10 years of clinical
use featuring in many studies worldwide

Patient Profiles

Ability to store up to 25 results in up to 50
patient profiles and view a graph of results

Practitioners - Healthcare professionals

Already own a NObreath® ?

With the purchase of a NObreath® you are eligible to become a member of the NObreath® forum – a place where you can seek answers, offer help or simply discuss FeNO techniques, findings and much more with other healthcare professionals from around the world.

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How to use the NObreath®

As easy as…
NObreath step 1
NObreath step 2
NObreath step 3


Our consumables are made to the highest quality at the most cost effective prices.
NObreath Clear Mouthpiece

NObreath® Mouthpieces

The NObreath® mouthpiece is single-patient use and has an integrated infection control filter which removes and traps >99% of airborne bacteria and >98% of viruses14.

Where to buy?

Click here for the NObreath® page on our European shop website.
We operate through a network of carefully selected distributors worldwide so request a quote and we will find the right distributor for you.
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All of our literature can be found on the Bedfont® Scientific Ltd. website. We have a wide range of resources in a variety of languages, see here.

*The NObreath® has been validated for up to 29,000 tests when used as instructed and properly maintained and serviced. The number of tests can be periodically checked within the settings of the device; when 29,000 tests are reached a service is recommended. Contact your local service center