Medical Advisory Board

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Medical Advisory Board

We work with a network of KOLs in the respiratory world to make sure the NObreath® is fit for purpose. We are always working to improve our NObreath® if you would like to be a part of this advisory board, please contact Bedfont® today.

Rodolfo de Paula Vieira

Professor at Universidade Brasil, Supervisor of MSc and PhD Program at UNIFESP and Director of IBEPIPE, Rodolfo de Paula Vieira has a PHD in Pathology – specifically the Immunopathology of the lungs – and 3 post-doctoral accreditations from the Sao Paulo, School of Medicine in Brazil, the Department of Pneumology at the University Hospital Freiburg in Germany and a post-doctoral fellowship awarded by European Respiratory Society and Marie Currie Foundation and European Union. Having published more than 100 internationally peer-reviewed scientific articles, Professor Vieira’s main pre and clinical studies evolve around immune response and the effects of physical exercise on pulmonary rehabilitation.

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Laura Gochicoa-Rangel

Pediatric pulmonologist specialist in Respiratory Physiology for adults and children. Laura Gochicoa-Rangel has a PhD in Medical Science and has been working for 10 years in pulmonary function tests, with multiple researchers in the field and professor in Respiratory Function Tests all around Latin America. Founding President of the Latin American Society of Respiratory Physiology and the Institution for the Innovation and Development of Respiratory Physiology in México City.