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Welcome to the NObreath® educational portal. Bedfont® have put together a collection of valuable resources for healthcare professionals, including; a series of training videos on asthma and FeNO, links to relevant global asthma and FeNO guidelines, webinars presented by key asthma specialists, and much, much more. Check out everything you need to know about Asthma, FeNO and NObreath® below.

About the NObreath®

The NObreath® is a Fractional exhaled Nitric Oxide (FeNO) device, which can be used to measure airway inflammation for the management and diagnosis of asthma.  Recommended by The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE), Bedfont’s NObreath® conformed to ATS & ERS guidelines. The NObreath® makes FeNO measuring quick and easy, plus it is completely non-invasive with the ability to device airway inflammation in both adults and children. Furthermore, the ambient monitoring mode enables you to check ambient levels of Nitric Oxide (NO).


Watch the videos below and then complete the questionnaire and answer all 4 questions correctly to receive a certificate.

Resuming Breath Testing During COVID-19

Please see below the demonstrational video for how to resume breath testing during COVID-19 with the NObreath®. It is even more important now to take extra precautions to ensure the safety of healthcare professionals and patients alike when performing CO breath tests.

Case Studies

“We first chose to use the NObreath® because we needed a cost effective and easily portable device for community based clinics. We use the device in peripheral clinics for monitoring asthma control and to investigate the cause of coughing, where we see around 5-6 patients per clinic in 2 to 3 clinics per week…FeNO monitoring has been a big development in the management of difficult asthma in peripheral clinics.”- Dr. Stephen O’Hickey, a Repiratory Consultant at Worcestershire Acute NHS Trust
“The aim of the project is to characterise severe Asthma in East African patients. We shall use this equipment on a cohort of 1700 patients to measure airway inflammation among the enrolled clients. Since we obtained the equipment, we have used it on 700 patients so far. Soon we shall look at the FeNO measurements and correlate this with other clinical parameters. I was mainly looking for equipment that was affordable and easy to use for the clinic personnel. I am an advocate of point of care diagnostics, as these diagnostics come in handy to any clinician. As a clinician, I need to be able to measure the level of airway inflammation by myself for my clients in the same consultation room so I can be able to optimise their treatment. It wasn't hard instructing the health workers on how to use the NObreath® and it was also easy for the patients to follow the instructions. This hand-held device is easy to use and the readings are instant. Furthermore, it’s also battery powered and so can be used in areas where the power supply is unstable.”- Muttamba Winters, a doctor from Mulago Hospital, Uganda
”The test was being requested by our Respiratory Consultants during routine clinics with adult patients. This can be used with patients who have respiratory symptoms, particularly with an unexplained cough and we are looking for the possible cause. The FeNO breath test is used for an assessment of airway inflammation, for the assessment of the effectiveness of a treatment, for example, a bronchodilator and for the management of a disease, for example asthma. The NObreath® is a very quick and simple way of measuring airway inflammation. It’s very easy for the patient to use and it is very rare that a patient cannot comply with the technique to produce an accurate result.”- Lois Penhaligan, Specialist Respiratory Physiologist, at the Lung Function Laboratory in Llandough

Interpretation Chart

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Optimising Asthma Care in Patients using FeNO – 1st April 2021

This event was held on Thursday 1st April, and details how FeNO breath testing can aid in the diagnosis and management of asthma, discussing the relevant pathways, and how FeNO could help you and your patients benefit from FeNO measuring in primary care. It also covers the recently made available AAC and PTF funding. Hosted by Carol Stonham MBE, Chair of the PCRS Executive Committee & Senior Respiratory Nurse Practitioner of Gloucestershire CCG.

What people said…

‘Thank you for the invite to a very interesting talk on FeNO. I will definitely be looking into applying for a kit for my practices.’ - L. Leech, Respiratory Consultant Nurse Specialist, Burham Surgery
‘Presentation has been great, very insightful and lots of knowledge gained’ - E. Obaro, Shafton Lane Surgery

FeNO Funding Possibilities – 14th April 2021

This FREE event explained the funding possibilities available for FeNO testing, and detailed how the Accelerated Access Collaborative (AAC) and Pathway Transformation Funding (PTF) applications work and what the questions mean for you, your clinic and your patients.

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